In Gallio the “Valley of Mills” it’s a special place, unique in the plateau, because of the abundance of water even in a karst environment. Many windmills designed the panorama, and to them we named after the Restaurant inside our Hotel. A wide choice of traditional products: from the “Asiago DOC” cheese, in all it’s various types, to the “Pennarone”, “Tosella”, caciotte, ricotte, butter, and other traditional dishes. But also honey, mushrooms harvested from our woods, Rotzo potatoes, Rubbio celery, natural grass growing during spring and cured meats: Restaurant ''Ai Mulini'' authentic taste and high class cuisine.

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Enjoy a gluten-free lunch in our Restaurant without worrying about follow a correct diet, our tips will help you for sure.


The wine-bar inside our Hotel, allow you to taste some of the best Venetian and Italian wines, which you can combine with traditional products or dishes from our kitchen. The rustic but at the same time elegant setting, it’s characterized by the presence of a wide chimney (“fogolaro”), and it’s typically a place for relax, tasting some nice wine or drink, heated by the fire of the chimney. Here you will also find the breakfast room and the American bar, with a wide choice of cakes, ice-creams, cocktails, long-drinks and spirits.